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Be an Active Voice in Healthcare
Leading healthcare institutions and businesses want to know what you think, and Xcenda will pay you to tell them what’s on your mind. From in-person focus groups or interviews to telephone interviews and online surveys, your opinion and your experience matter. This research platform is brought to you by Xcenda, a global healthcare consultancy that specializes in helping the marketplace understand how to deliver greater value to all stakeholders shaping healthcare. Providers, practice leaders, payers, market access professionals, patients, and caregivers - share your expertise and opinions on a wide range of health and healthcare challenges facing pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, healthcare policy makers and economists, and disease researchers, as they strive to improve the future of healthcare.

Why Helping Experts & Opinions™ Helps You
If you’ve ever wanted a voice in the future and the direction of healthcare—and get paid for it—now is your chance. Every time you participate in one of our opinion-research events, you have a direct influence on much more than the initial research outcome. Your insights could ultimately impact health policies, manufacturer strategies and tactics, even public opinion at large.

Share your experiences in the effort to create better healthcare for all.

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